modayes,plus size women's clothing,large size,oversizeWhat will be articles to wear for the next winter? What can you put in your own winter wardrobe? What will be favourite colours and shades for the next wintertime?

Here there are some ideas to keep an eye on, a useful forecast on fashion trends for the next fall winter 2011-2012.

Surely a fashionable colour for the next wintertime will be red colour, which can be worn in every party, red shades belong to fashion trends for this year.

Ethnic and spotted patterns will be the undisputed protagonists of the next wintertime 2011-2012, also fur coats (it would be better to have a fake fur) are now coming back into fashion after many years.

Scottish tartan is now fashionable and stylish thanks to many bizarre versions, skirts are becoming shorter than last winter and it will be like this also for classic coats.

Patterns such as famous tartan will be used for every kind of dress, also for skirt and jacket suits.

Accessories and waist belts will be very fancy and you can match them also with maxi cardigans and jersey mini dresses that can be used to replace the classic coat.